Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tonsils and Traditons

After years of sore throats and missing over 4 weeks of school, the stars aligned and yesterday Coleyboy finally got his pork chop sized tonsils removed. We know, what a bummer, missing days of Christmas break recovering, but it was that or re-do 4th grade!
He is recovering well and the anticipation of Christmas is helping to ease the pain.

One of our family traditions going all the way back to Coley's 2nd Christmas is to brave the crowds at the mall and let the kids sit on Santa's lap to tell him a few of the things they want and get their picture taken. Below is the picture I took of the kids talking with Santa, Cole was giving his list which includes a Butterfly knife, as you can see, Santa was quite concerned!
Here is a picture of the picture of the kids all smiling with SantaChristmas Eve brings another tradition of opening one gift, to our kids frusteration the present is always the one containing pajamas, here they are infront of the tree!This year the kids all got robes along with their P.J.'s, here Ysabel is showing off the Tinkerbell robe and pajama's she got

Taggert got Iron Man pajama's and robe, not sure why, but robes= karate when your 6 year old?

Coleyboy doing his best to smile through the pain, Hef would be proud son!

This year due to snowy weather and schedules we got to spend Christmas Eve with just our family. In keeping with the spirit of "A Christmas Story" we went out for Chineese food, to our disapointment, we weren't able to get the waiters to sing Deck the Halls for us no matter how hard the kids begged, or sang Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra, Ra, Ra loudly! The duck however was amazing!
After we came home we decorated a ginger bread house as a family, (a first for all of us if you can believe it!) by the way, you have to glue the house together prior to decorating? Who would have thought? After rebuilding the roof, it looks pretty good we thought, just watch out for the toothpicks!

The kids are now tucked in bed, next to the warm glow of the TV showing Polar Express!
Santa is on his way, get to bed and stop playing with your lap...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Taggert got new glasses, check em out, he really diggs em!