Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ysabels 1st day of Pre-school!

Ysabel had her first day of Pre-school yesterday morning. She has been so excited to start with her new teacher Mrs. Murphy. She will be attending Monday Wednesdays & Fridays for a couple of hours, on Fridays they get to bring a lunch from home and have a picnic day. Her little class is so cute, just 8 kids, 4 boys and 4 girls, just right to learn to share but still get plenty of attention and love!

She was so excited she wouldn't eat her breakfast? All dressed up and ready for school
Here's one without the huge blue gumball her cheek

She had to give her Mommy hugs the whole way to school cause Jami was so sad about her last baby growing up and leaving her to go to school!

Here she is as her class is letting out, she was so excited to tell us about all her new friends, she couldnt remember their names, but that one girl was real fun, and the other girl was real nice, the playground was way fun, the songs and stories and coloring and cutting with scissors was way fun! Oh yeah, by the way, Hi Dad.

We are very proud of our big girl!
She would love to tell you all about it if you want to give her a call!

Monday, August 25, 2008

More pics from the weekend

We had and awesome weekend, so fun it took up 2 blog posts! It was so great to spend time with Dale and Angie and the Super Dog. I am sure by the time they get home they are ready for a vacation to recover from their weekend!
No one will EVER believe the story that goes with this pic, but I caught this fish with my bare hands, really I did! Dale looked out the side of the boat and said, look there is a fish swimming right there, it swam closer by the boat, I channeled the spirit of the GRIZZLY and swiped down in the water and grabbed it "bear" handed! This is no fish story, reality in all detail!
What do you use your tower for?
(I'm sure this is illegal in most states and voids all sorts of maufacture's warranty's)

This kid can do it all (except catch a fish bare handed!)Thanks for the fun weekend Dale and Angie!
We had a great Mexican BBQ, awesome "wedding taco's" awesome time. We were really glad Uncle Todd, Blaine, Mellisa & Brooklynn were able to come. It was a great time!
Perfect weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fishing with Uncle Dale & Aunt Angie

Uncle Dale & Aunt Angie came into town for the weekend, we are always so excited when they come to stay with us and especially glad that Dale is hopefully, finally, really back from Iraq to stay. Quick everybody knock on wood!

Of course when they are in town and have a free morning I can count on Cole to sneak into our room at the crack of dawn "Dad, Dad...... Dad" (in a very loud whisper) "Dad, can I go fishing with Uncle Dale?"

How do I say no to that?

Below are some pic's that Angie took:

Uncle Dale in his natural environment
Look what Coley boy caught?Wind knotsCole has mastered his overhand, back hand and forward casts, what a stud!

Coley boy by the Heber Creeper

They saw all sorts of wildlife on the trip, a bull moose, a badger hawks and an osprey. He had a great time, thanks Dale and Angie!

Monday, August 18, 2008




This day has been dreaded since early June and has rarely been spoken of since.

The 1st day of school has come all to soon and has passed without the agony that has been so anticipated.

New shoes, socks, boxers, backpacks, pencil boxes, glue sticks, rulers, t-shirts, shorts, they are all just pain killers to dull the painful fact that summer is now officially over!

The boys started school this morning at Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Lindon, they are now Cougars and proud of it!

Coley boy started the 4th grade this morning in Mrs. Staley's class, he LOVED it. He liked it so much he is excited to go back tomorrow? He came home with homework, a SUDOKU puzzle (this should be fun)? He made some friends, got to eat in the big kids lunch room and had all good things to say about school today!

Taggert had a rough night, he was pretty stressed about the whole new school, new grade, new everything and so he didn't get the greatest night sleep, he woke up, put on his new boxers (exciting new phase in a young mans life, grosses Mom out, but that's part of having boys) ate his breakfast and was ready to start 1st grade. After having Dad hang out at his class for 20 min he was finally ready to be his own man and fly solo! Below is a pic of him coming out, looks like he had a great day in Mrs. Aase's (pronounced Osa like ponderosa) class after all! Tagg made some friends, had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, liked the playground and will go back tomorrow. (Its Tagg, your not gonna get allot out of him)

The boys are also "Early Birds" this year which means they are on the early track, school starts at 8:00 am, this should be fun for all, a major adjustment for the whole family, no more rockstar late nights and sleeping in, well, not as many anyways!

Next Monday Yzzy starts pre-school! She cant wait, she's been carrying around her lunch box and backpack all weekend!