Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doing better

Things here in room 382 are looking up, Jami is doing better in allot of ways and we are so grateful for the smallest improvements and she has made some pretty big steps. Knock on wood, it seems as though the seizure medications have finally been dialed in, they have really been spread out and we are so relieved. We are hopefully optimistic that the virus has peaked, it really seems she is on the fast track to recovery. Everyday people cant believe how much better she looks. She has been working really hard with her therapists. The physical therapists come by 2x per day. She has a speech therapist that drops in once a day and is always followed by the occupational therapist. Needless to say she is getting lots of attention. They are very hopeful that they will be able to mend the nerve damage and optimistic that it will not be permanent. She still has major headache pain and lives in her sunglasses, she is definitely the coolest patient on the 3rd floor. Next week we are hoping she will be moved into the transitional therapy unit and begin the next stages of recovery.
Once again we are so grateful for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. Starla is always telling us of all the people who have called, dropped off cards, helped with the kids and are praying for us. The kids are doing great, Grandma Starla and Grandpa Jim have been such a blessing and it sounds like it has been one big adventure with a little school mixed in to fill the slow times of the day. They are very happy and have loved the cards, gifts and phone calls that have come into "just them" THANK YOU FOR LOVING OUR KIDS!
We are so thankful for friends and family who share their love in so many ways. Please continue to keep Jami in your prayers, we are not out of the woods yet but the timber is getting thinner!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update Saturday night

It has been amazing all the support we have felt as a family, what more can we say than, Thank You to you all.
Today we met with another one of Jami's doctor's and kind of vented some frustrations. He handled it well and expressed allot of the same concerns and frustrations at their inability to put a real name or terms or to be able to provide some expectations that might be able to help along the way. They can give diagnosis, that are broad sweeping but contain no real or applicable information, more as something to call "it" or to calm some of the nerves and questions we have than actual facts and steps to take so we can move forward.
The medical teams are working diligently, calling each other at all hours brainstorming with ideas, or, "have we considered this", studying medical journals from all over the world, and just talking it through with colleagues locally and all over the country. Thank you for all of your suggestions, and questions to ask, we bring them up continually and apologize to the Doctor's for second guessing or questioning, they are always professional and open to questions and not afraid to run one more test to make sure.
We are so appreciative to all who are going through this with us, Jami continually says "I can feel their prayers". Thank you to all, there is no greater appreciator of people and their time and talents than Jami, and even in all of this, she is continually thanking everyone, or apologizing to the Doctors and nurses for taking time away from their day's, at first they did not know how to take her, but her sincerity and love shine through even in the darkest times and they have all shed tears with her, tell her they love her and continue to ignore the poor people on this floor of the hospital.
Thank you for your inspiration, calls, blog comments and text's, we have read them all many, many times and feel your love, they have been a true "re-charge" for her through some very hard times. I have always thought I had an amazing and very strong wife, it has been made more than apparent through this time that she can take more than her share and smile through it, apologize for putting you out and make you feel more comfortable by laughing through some very hard times, I am so blessed to have her as the mother of my children and so proud to call her my wife!
Thank you again for your prayers, and continued prayers in our behalf, we feel your faith and it helps us to continue on.

Greg & Jami

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks and update

First off, thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, tears and worry. It has been a blessing to read all of your texts, voice mails, emails, tweets, blogs, comments and cards to Jami. It has been such a great distraction in tough times to be able to read and re-read them to her, she always smiles and cries, (so yes, she is still the same Jami) and says how much she loves whomever had sent the note.

Her personality and love has all the nurses neglecting their other duties to stay and chat, laugh, cry and spend a little more time with her. She has 2 awesome nurses that work at night that are literally angels sent from God to look after her. Both of them on their time off today (when they should have been home sleeping and being with their families) have come into check on her, and give her hugs and encouragement. It is truly amazing to see people who are devoted to healing others and see Gods hands at work through them.

Her doctors are hopeful and have spent many, many hours trying to figure out what is causing this to happen. They are fully invested in her recovery, and continue to come up with new ideas, and tests to try to pin this down and make it right. If anyone has Dr. Houses #, Jami would gladly make you the pie of your choice, I would even promise a whole summers worth of lawn cutting for his mobile number!

Jami is on a roller coaster right now and wants off, the highs and lows are frustrating to say the least. The good news, the paralysis in her face appears to letting up, the bad news is the migraine that has yet to stop, her constant joint, skin and deep bone pain and that her body is continually racked with whole body contractions almost like a seizure so she has been unable to get any real rest. Pray for her to be strong, for her body to accept the medication and to stop fighting itself, so that she can get the rest she needs to begin to heal and for her Doctors and nurses to be continually inspired to provide the care our Jami needs and has given to others.

The kids are staying at Grandma Starla and Grandpa Jim's, the boys are going to a BYU basketball game tonight, they are well cared for and loved. Homesick but happy.
Thank you to you all for your continued love, prayers and support

Greg & Jami

Sunday, January 11, 2009