Sunday, November 16, 2008

1st grade friendship play

Taggert had his 1st Grade Friendship play. He has been practicing his songs and choreography since school started and he did great! The 1st grade put on a program focusing on being friends, finding new friends, being ok with yourself and stopping bullies, it was a fun night and Taggert did great!

Tagg informed us the morning of that he had to wear "a tie". He was one of the few that did, but man did he look good!
So nice we had to see it twice!
(Somebody happy to be wearing a tie? Not a common sight at the Watts house!)
Taggert on stage with his classmates
6 shooters!

Walk like and egyptian?
Grandma Starla even came, thanks for coming it made it an even more special night!

Costume Parade

Halloween was alot of fun for us, we had plenty to do, with trips to the pumpkin patch, parties and school parades, the weather was perfect this year, we really had fun in our new neighborhood, school and pre-school!
Yzzy got to go to the boys parade and then one at her school, she was a ballerina and was very cute!
Mrs. Jill and Ysabel's pre-school class getting ready for their costume parade, they went trick or treating to one "funny house" and one "scary house". Thanks Mrs. Jill she had a blast!

Yzzy the ballerina with a very sticky blue ring pop!

Pre-school costume parade

Cole wore his blow up suit and was an "obese ballerina"
Always a favorite!

Taggert was a fireman, that is his best friend Mason on the left
Trick or Treating was fun, the kids only lasted 3 streets and their buckets were full and they were done with it, they wanted to go home, such a long day? What happened to the days of trick or treating all night and filling pillow cases?
They've got it way to good!

Pumpkin patch and Gutting gourds

Better late than never, here are some pictures of the kids trip to the pumpkin patch with Grandma Starla, the Hoopes and the Merbacks! They had a blast, picked some great pumpkins and nobody froze!
Perfect trip!
What a family picture!
Taggert picking a winner!

Cole as always following the Watts family credo, size does matter!
Princess Ysabel says carrying pumpkins is for fools, she directed traffic from her royal coach!

Here they are with some of their favorite cousins

Coley boy's
"Pukin' pumkin"
(Cole won Rocky Mtn Elementary's pumkin carving contest!)

Taggerts beat up pumpkin
(it has a black eye)
Bella colored hers with markers, it turned out wonderful!
They had alot of fun, thanks Grandma!