Monday, January 18, 2010


Here are some of the fun things we did over Christmas break, but of course for some of the funnest times the camera was in the glove box, Jami's purse or sitting on the bar at home. We were too busy playing to stop and stage a photo shoot!

We got to go to a Christmas Sing at the kids school. It was a blast, but the recession has fully kicked in, rather than having Santa come, they had to make due with Mrs. Claus? Really? It was very fun and a great start to the kids break, the whole school crammed into the lunchroom and each grade had allot of fun singing to each other and their parents.

Here is Ysabel's Kindergarten class, dressed in their PJ's for a trip on the Polar Express singing "Up on the rooftop"
It was VERY cute and she did great, they even had choreography!

Tagg's 2nd grade class put on quite the show, for the school wide sing his class sang "Must be Santa" they even had props. Tagg's was a "beard that's white" we missed getting a picture, Tagg sang like only Tagg can sing, next time you see him, have him sing it for you!

Then, we got to go back to his class room and his class put on a private concert for their parents. They have been learning some German words and sang "Silent Night" to us in German. That is a tongue twister for a 7 & 8 yr old, they did great! Next they broke out their recorders and played a rousing song of "Jingle Bells" AWESOME!

Tagg told us the night before that he had to wear some fancy clothes to his performance and wanted to wear a shirt and tie. We have gone this route before with him so we kinda had our doubts. Jami finally talked him into a SNAZZY new Christmas sweater and he was in heaven! (Mom's late night run to Old Navy made for a happy boy in the morning!)

This picture is extra special, this is Tagg's teacher Miss Brock, he has a wee bit of a crush on her, once I had taken the picture, Tagg turned bright red, but when he got home he wanted me to download it so he could see it and then show it to CJ and Yzzy! He's hot for teacher!
Cole's class was at the opposite end of the lunchroom from where the parents were sequestered, so the picture we got was a blurry mass of Christmas sweaters and Santa hats. His class sang Felice Navidad, and if you have never heard a Watts sing Felice Navidad, Jose and Maria got nothin on us!

Christmas Eve we started a new tradition and went to visit Grandma and my sister Lisa, the kids made her their own Luminary's. It was an amazing experience. We love you Mom!

This is what it looked like with the candles lit. This is an old Scandinavian tradition that we read about and have decided to make a part of our Christmas celebration, it was amazing to see how many other people had done the same, it was a very peaceful and beautiful way to spend Christmas Eve.

Another Christmas Eve tradition of new PJ's!

(I have one SEXY wife!)

Here are the kids Christmas morning, with sleep swollen faces and big smiles excited to open all the presents Santa brought to them!

Some of the other fun things we did but missed taking pictures of; spending time with Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins on both the Phillips and Watts sides of the families, swimming, movies, playing with toys, a family nativity, New Years in Saint George, 1st night with the Jetts, CJ dancing on the stage in front of thousands of people, then getting escorted off by the Mayor and Sheriff, playing Wii with Grandpa Jack, lots of eating, saying good bye to a special dog,

It was time well spent with lots of family, love and blessings. It's been one heck of and a very interesting year. We are so glad 2010 is here. We were REALLY glad to say: