Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flying Kites (part 1)

We got to go kite flying as a family with Uncle Dale and Aunty Angry this weekend. We had a blast even though the wind was not always cooperative. This was Yzzy's 1st time flying kites and after she was worn out she finally figured out which way to run when the wind blows, circles only work 1/2 the time?
Thanks Angie for the great pics and thanks to Uncle Dale for helping with all the knots!
(See below for the slide show!)

Flying kites

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kindergarten Shots!

Ysabel is turning 5 this April and is going to start Kindergarten this fall. Starting school means one thing SHOTS!
Both boys have been trying to scare the heck out of her by talking about needles and how bad it hurts, big jerks!
She was a champ, she didn't have any hesitation and said "you gotta do, what ya gotta do" she is very excited to start school and is ready to lay down in front of the school bus in order to get to go to big school with her big brothers. She was so strong and didn't cry till after the nurse left the room, and then it was just a couple small tears. She was very brave.
She is out back playing catch with Taggert and has told him she "cant run fast, only medium, cause my legs are hurty"

Here she is getting a big wet feel better kiss from her best friend!

Monday, March 2, 2009


March 1st Coleyboy had his 10th birthday party, it landed on a Sunday so we had to do part of it on Saturday and finish with a family party on Sunday. The celebrations started on Thursday, Cole, Yzzy and I went to the Cougar's home opener baseball game, BYU won 8-3 over the Portland Pilots. It was a record game for the Watts family, we got 3 foul balls. Needless to say the kids were excited for the next game! Friday Cole and I along with his friend Casey went to a BYU baseball game, because of school we were only able to make it to the last 4 innings but we had allot of fun spitting sunflower seeds and watching baseball.
Saturday morning, Cole's basketball team played their last Jr. Jazz game of the year, he played his friend Casey's team and had a pretty good game, he had a huge cheering section, thanks to Grandma Starla and Grandpa Jim for coming out, they help to make it allot more fun and with Jami there as well allot more LOUD!
After the game we went as a family to another BYU baseball game (Cole's 3rd in a row, ya think this kid likes baseball?) the weather was perfect, sunshine and the Cougars won 10-3, even Yzzy was into it for a little while. After the game Cole went to the BYU vs Utah basketball game with Casey's family, he used his B-day money from Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Jake and their boys for his ticket (thanks Merbacks, figured you would approve of how the money was spent!) and loved it! BYU played one of their best games yet and Cole was in heaven!

Sunday Coley got his breakfast of choice, played some video games and opened his presents from us.
That night Aunt Chelsea, Jack and AJ, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Starla and Uncle Tanner all came over to have cake and rootbeer floats. Coleyboy got a BYU basketball jersey and to use Grandpa Jims BYU seats for the upcoming Air Force game, he is pumped, thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Aunt Chelsea and her kids gave him money for new batting gloves, pic's will be coming and he promises to hit at least one homerun for the Longhorns! Grandpa Jack sent money as well and Coley cant wait to go shopping, sporting goods store here we come, thanks Dad!

Here Coley is showing off his baseball cakes!

After the cake and floats what could be better than helping it settle with an all cousin trampoline jumping session!

AJ breaking the law of gravity!

Your supposed to do this after the dismount