Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lindon Vikings 09

This was C.J.'s first year of football and he made the most of it. Needless to say the coaches were thrilled when he joined the team! Cole started both ways, offensive tackle and as a defensive tackle with a brief stint at linebacker.
He is #52 on the field and #1 in your hearts, gotta love the kid!
Which one of these is not like the other?
(anybody notice a size difference?)
Here is one of Coley plowing the field with an AF's running backs face mask the kid came up with sod in his teeth!

Who wouln't want this kid lead blocking for them?

(this is one of my favorite pics, look at his eye's!!)

Another big stop by #52 C.J. Watts!

Overall he had a great season, not quite as many wins as he would have liked but he learned alot, got in great shape, was picked as team captain 7 out of 8 games (the one game he was asked but told the coach he wanted to let one his friends take a turn), he made some new buddies, got some bruises, wore out a pair of cleats and can't wait till next year, sounds like a succesfull season!
Now (to Jami's delight) he has started basketball (we did take the weekend off), he will be playing on 3 different teams!
Tagg will be starting Jr. Flash basketball in Jan.
Gotta love having boys!


chelswatts said...

Way to go Cole... you are Jack's inspiration. He talks about you ALL the time.

Ashlee said...

Yeah for a Watts' post! You are a stud Coley! Tanner wants to grow up to be just like you. Keep the pictures and the posts coming. Love you all.

Ashlee said...

Cole that is really cool that you are on a team. Maybe you can teach me some stuff. You can be my lineman when I am the quarterback at BYU. I love you. GO FOOTBALL!!! -Tanner

Ashlee said...

You are good at football! You are good at basketball. You can catch a ball. You're cool. I love you.

Janice Phillips said...

YAY for football!! GO COLE!! WOOHOO! And yay for posting! Love you Watts peeps!